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American Industrial Corporation is an Industrial Project Management Company, our primary business is Relocation of Industrial Plants.


Relocation of Industrial Assets is the physical movement of industrial plants from one location to another most often from one country to another.


Reasons for Relocation:

  • decreased demand or excess supply of a product in a region

  • depletion of source of raw materials

  • high labor costs in the area

AIC identifies the plants located in such regions of lower demand or excess supply which are in good operating condition and we acquire these plants and relocate them.


We relocate Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemical Plants and Power Plants.




AIC’s unique and innovative business model creates unique opportunities for International Corporate Buyers to establish & own industrial plants at a fraction of the cost of new, typically 1/4th or even less.


The reduced capital costs enable our buyers to:


  • establish industries which might not have been normally within their budgets

  • ensure that the new venture is profitable from the inception due to reduced overheads and financial costs

  • compete aggressively with their competitors with lower pricing and/or higher profits





AIC acquires only the industrial assets that are in good operating condition.


These assets are completely inspected & assessed for functional condition and metallurgical condition and refurbished to the maximum extent possible by expert engineers and contractors.


Refurbishment consists of cleaning, resurfacing, machining, repair and replacement of components as found to be necessary during inspection.

Upon Refurbishing these assets are nearly as good as new with Remaining useful life of 25 to 30 years or more.


AIC provides Performance Guarantee of the equipment for a period of 12 months. AIC provides plant managers & supervisors to operate the plant for 12 months during which time the Buyer’s staff is trained to operate the plant by themselves.


AIC is supported by a Consortium of Technical Advisors & Engineering Subcontractors who have vast knowledge and experience in the Petroleum Industry and are experts in their fields.                        




We can arrange for funding of the Relocation Project through American Banks at very low interest rates, currently 3.5%.


Loans - 75% to 80% of the Total Project cost

Equity - 20% to 25%

Repayment - 8 to 12 years.


Funding of the Project requires off-take agreements for the products produced which ensures the revenues.





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